Monday, 9 February 2015

Nick Beer 10K

Nick Beer 10K

It's my birthday today, but the Nick beer 10K is on at the Great Orme in Llandudno. So, it's off to Bangor to fetch Simon Murray, an excellent photographer and athlete, who helps me often to cover these events.
We travel to Llandudno to set up my banners at the finish. We catch up with Andy Jones, member of the North Wales Road Running Club who, along with members of his club, organise the race. Simon head off along the prom and Wendy and myself go up the Orme in the T5. We always have to stop at the toll house, where we speak to toll man and wangle a free entry to The Orme! We arrive in plenty time, so set up the Jet Boil to make some tea before the race.
Soon enough, 12pm arrives and we only have a few minutes to wait for the runners to arrive. Wendy heads off to the 4.5kM mark, while I stay at 3.5kM.

Hundereds of runners start to pass me, it's impossible to get a picture of all the runners, but between us all, I'm sure we manage to get everyone. I know quite a few people by now, or perhaps they know me! A lot wish me a happy birthday as they pass me on the hill. Soon, it's time to go. No van to take me, so I have to walk up the hill and join my wife. I did think of asking the sweeper for a lift, but I though t I'd arrive sooner if I walked, which in the end, I nearly do!

Simon, after taking photographs of all the runners at the 2kM mark, runs down to get them 9kM, what a hero!

After the race, it's time to process the pictures. In my case 1,600, with more to come from Simon when he finishes his pictures. It's not all about turning up and taking photographs, there is a lot of work to do after as well.

Next race is Moel y Ci on the 14th February, see you there.

Todays pictures can be seen at here.